Monday, April 19, 2010

Man vs. Cosmos

The daily and weekly grind. Life's chores and duties. That is not life, that is just living. Life is the soccer we play, the pickup games we squeeze along the way.

We went back to soccer at UCSD last Friday, pickup games with Gabriel and other students.

After more than 2 hours an imminent face-off between dusk and the right leg cramping. Man vs. Cosmos, an unfair fight for sure. Cosmos wins. Except for soccer, for I can play through pain, but the sun will not stop going down. Or hasn't since the biblical days of Joshua.

Asking how's life risks getting a polite and ambiguous reply. Our calves don't lie and will show the answer.


Daniel said...

I think the trick, when struggling against Cosmos, is to know when it's offering you a cease-fire on reasonable terms from when it's time to kick it in the balls :-)

Ariel said...

Good point, can you do both?

Captain Burger said...

As I see it, Cosmos also provides the answer.
Luminofluerescence might prove you can trick the old cosmos right back.... Back to your calves!