Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cor Angle

The English invented many of the sports we play, including Football FIFA. Gratitude aside, filling the idle time of their imperial class might be why they did it, or they had to invent new sports as other nations beat them at the prior sports, as my British teammates say.

But the English did not invent the English Horn; my performer and composer friend Ruben argues that a poor translation of Cor Angle (french for "Angled Horn") morphed into Cor Anglais.

In any case today's English Horn is a close relative of the Oboe, so while other folks were still doing their summer soccer camps Ben went to an English Horn Seminar in Hidden Valley.

Listening to Ben play is remarkable as I can barely play a vuvuzela, it is also remarkable that we started guitar with Ruben under the same teacher and Ruben is now world class and I can barely play a vuvuzela.

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