Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guantanamo vs. Prednisone

Medical information on the internet is a mixed blessing. Access to collective knowledge is useful, but cyberchondria is also real.

A huge disservice is all the research papers accessible only to paid subscribers.  Patients many times fall back to knowledge disseminated by other patients on bulletin boards. 

It is hard to extrapolate from our singular experience, but there is one topic Graciela felt we had to share.  I have not used the well known Prednisone cortisone myself, but I saw it in action. The mental image of what I saw is darkness

I will use a strong dose of sarcasm to complement the picture. If the war on terror decision makers knew how this substance messes up your mind and breaks your will, they would have not bothered with waterboarding. They would have shipped Prednisone pills to Guantanamo. That is all I can and will say, in case somebody else is traveling the same road.

Still planning on going home tomorrow Monday with Gabe, and put the darkness behind. 


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