Thursday, January 21, 2010


Reliability. You can count on something when you need it. Or somebody. Gabriel's car waited in San Diego a full month, and started right up when he returned. Outside of a dog that car is the most loyal thing, inside it is too small to park it. (sorry Groucho).

People have been great, mostly. Judging people metaphorically:
Reliability is finding the car where I expect. Loyalty is you holding the bottom of the ladder while I am up on the top. If you gotta leave, please wait until I get down.

I wish doctors could make us as reliable as Gabe's car, and our guts as pleasant to service as its engine bay. Recovery has Gabriel moving up and down the ladder for a while. Lots of friends have been supporting him, bringing us food, and doing more than I have done for others.

We will make up for anybody that bails out before Gabriel is safely down from the ladder. No problem, just walk the other side of the street I am on.

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